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Bagre marinus


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Gafttopsail catfish or hardhead catfish (Ariopsis felis (Linnaeus, 1766). Crucifix fish. Commercial trawling. Florida. USA. 1960’s. 120 mm average. Example picture.

Mouthbrooder, feeds throughout the water column in contrast to other siluriformes who are bottom feeders.
Legend of the crucifx fish:
Of all the fishes in the sea our lord chose the lowly sailcat to remind us of his misery
His body on the cross is outlined, The hilt of the sword which was plunged into his side is clearly defined.
Look at the back of the fishes bone where the Roman shield is shown. When you shake the cross you will hear the dice being tossed for our Lords blood stained dress, those who can hear them will be blessed.


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