The focus of our webshop is twofold.

Natural history objects for collections

We provide beautiful, unique, scientifically relevant or otherwise interesting natural objects for collection purposes. Our main focus is on marine life, although we may occasionally stray from this focus in case of unusually beautiful, unique, scientifically relevant or otherwise interesting objects from another nature.

Decorative objects

We also provide objects for decorative purposes, mainly (but not exclusively) related to marine life. This may include taxidermy projects, or the creation of decorative or artistic objects related to natural history objects.


Apart from the webshop, we also provide a wide range of services related to our field of interest.

  • assistance (research, locating of objects, negotiations, paperwork) to clients in purchases of natural history objects from other suppliers
  • (natural history) collection management and photography
  • museum collection supply
  • lay-out and printing (separately or combined) of natural history related publications (books, magazines, …)
  • participation in research and expeditions
  • organisation of natural history related events

These services are subject to either a time-based fee (hourly/daily rates), or a fixed fee based on a clearly defined project scope.