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Verne’s Nautilus


The Amazon basin is well known for its peculiar fish, especially the large number of armored, sometimes poisonous cat fish. The tropical shallow waters also have their armored family; the Peristetiidae, or gurnards. Although more of the species are similar to our Channel gurnard, some display a thick and razor sharp armor. Their flat abdomen and cephalofoils at either side of the head make them a perfect hunter of the sandy and muddy bottoms. And their armor keeps predators at bay.
These armored gurnards are said to be the inspiration for the shape of ‘The Nautilus’, the submarine in which Captain Nemo cruises the oceans in Jules Verne’s ‘20000 leagues under the Sea’. As a consequence, these fish are often referred to as ‘Nautilus Fish’.
They are here presented as a hunting pack on a background of black sea whip and Murex pecten, a neogastropod which shell mimics the skeleton of a fish, trying to avoid being
snapped up by fish.

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52 x 22 cm. Antique dome dating from early 20th century with Murex pecten, black sea whip and armoured gurnard fish. Pick up or personal delivery only.


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