The Surgeon’s Photograph by David Martin & Alastair Boyd


The Surgeon’s Photograph’ – the archetypical symbol of ‘The Loch Ness Monster’ or ‘Nessie’, the very icon of the mystery, has become one of the world’s best-known images, almost as instantly recognizable as the ‘Mona Lisa’, and perhaps even more enigmatic.

Many have looked at the photograph, few have look into it.

David Martin and Alastair Boyd believe they have looked into it, and seen through it.

Yet it required the chance discovery of a 1975 newspaper article to reveal the trail of clues that led to the unfolding of this drama: the interview with the man who made the model monster, his part in this elaborate hoax, and the truth behind what is, arguably, the most famous photograph in the world.

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David Martin & Alastair Boyd, 1999. The Surgeon’s Photograph. Privately published, London N20, UK. 100 pp A5 format + 35 B/W images.

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