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Pinnacles of Prickly


50 x 20 cm. Antique dome with recent decorative elements such as Angaria sphaerula and Yellow Sea Fan (Philippines, USA). Pick up or personal delivery only.

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Angarids have always fascinated collectors for their beauty, array of colors and rarity. The Angaria sphaerula is a fairly common species in certain areas of the tropical oceans between
100 and 250 m. They live on muddy patches between corals and are only caught by tanglenet fishermen, fishing for edible fish and crabs, as by catch. As is often the case, when area is heavily fished, fish stock gets depleted and the fishermen move to other areas. Hence this species has become in the last decade again a rare collector’s commodity.
The dome is composed of several juvenile angarids together with five mature specimens which have all there varices intact. They portray a multitude of colors and shades of which
these represent the most aesthetic ones collected over 20 years.
Because of overfishing and subsequent habitat distruction, the fisheries for these species is banned since a few years in many tropical island states such as the Philippines.


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