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Isle of Skye


The Scottish Island of Skye lies on 57° degrees North, along with Moscow and Hudson Bay, places ice-bound for much of the year. The influence of the Gulf Stream tempers that climate, bringing changing weather, light and drama; drama on the sea shore to put as a famous title of one of Honoré de Balzac’s novels. The dome is nothing more, nor nothing less of a tribute to the proud fishermen of the area, building their life on working in often harsh and dangerous conditions. While fishing for commercial species, they encounter beautiful shells, crustaceans and other animals often unimaginable to the islanders and visitors. Besides a tribute to the men themselves it is also a tribute to our fauna and the people that collect and study them.

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53 x 23 cm. Antique dome with a 1920’s map of Skye, Chlamys tigrinus, Chlamys striata, Buccinum undata, Ensis squamosa, Dogfish egg capsules, blue crab claw, brown crab. Pick up or personal delivery only.


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